What Kind of CBD Should I Take?
What Kind of CBD Should I Take?

Even if you’re a CBD aficionado, it can be difficult to figure out which form of CBD is the best kind to take. The answer? Well, it depends. Why are you using CBD? Are you taking it to help you relax or relieve pain? How quickly do you want the CBD to take effect? The answers to all of these questions can factor into your decision.

The CBD experts at Nature’s Way Botanicals have whipped up a handy guide to the different forms of CBD below. Read on to learn about these forms and their various benefits!

CBD Lotions & Creams

Are you looking to relieve sore or achy joints and muscles? A high-quality CBD lotion or cream will be what you’re looking for. Many people find that the topical form of CBD soothes this kind of pain much more quickly and effectively when applied directly to the source of discomfort.

CBD Tinctures & Oils

People that can’t take pills or otherwise don’t fancy the prospect will want to try CBD tinctures and oils. Liquid CBD is typically taken by administering it under the tongue via a dropper. When taken this way, the CBD is quickly absorbed through tiny capillaries in the mouth, making this form also ideal for people that want a fast-acting effect.

CBD Capsules

CBD pills or gel-caps provide an easy way to get your daily does of CBD. Although it can take a little longer to kick in, it still acts as one of the best no-fuss ways to supplement your daily regimen. Just pay attention to dosage levels according to whatever best suits your needs.

CBD Vapes

For people that want the fastest effects possible from their CBD, vaping will be the preferred CBD delivery method. CBD vapes allow you to inhale vaporized CBD oil, where it travels from your lungs directly into your bloodstream. On top of that, CBD vape oil comes in a variety of great-tasting flavors.

CBD Edibles

Last but not least, one of our favorite ways to take CBD is through CBD edibles. While taking a pill or gel-cap is quick and easy, it’s hard to say no to a sweet CBD gummy or fruit chew. While it takes about as long to kick in as a CBD capsule, a tasty gummy chew is nice even by itself when you’re stressed or anxious!

We hope this shed some light on the different forms of CBD and their relative benefits. To learn more about CBD, check out the Facts section of our website or read our other blog posts. For questions about Nature’s Way Botanicals, feel free to contact us online or give us a call at (800) 376-1057 today!

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