Water-Soluble CBD Gel Capsules (25mg)


Water-Soluble CBD Gel Capsules (25mg)

Our Water-Soluble CBD Gel Capsules can be a wonderful alternative to over the counter or prescription medications. The best part about this product is the fact that it is a water-soluble formula. This means, when your body tries to digest the capsule, you will absorb much more CBD than you would with a standard CBD gel capsule. This is because our bodies are made up of mostly water and not oil, meaning a water-soluble formula will naturally mix better with your body and absorb the dose of CBD you are needing more efficiently! Get your dose of quality CBD using our Water-Soluble Gel Capsule Formula!

Contains – 25mg Gel Caps (30ct) or (60ct)



The best part about our Water-Soluble CBD Gel Caps is how easy it is to get your daily dose of CBD! Simply take one capsule orally daily, and you’re all done! Given this product is water-soluble, this means during digestion, you will absorb much more of the CBD than you would with a standard CBD gel capsule.


Hemp extract (25mg CBD with terpenes including Caryophyllene  (6mg) & limonene, MCT (coconut) oil, (Vitamin E Dimer Derivative) mono & diglycerides, fatty acids, natural flavors.  Capsule shell: bovine gelatin, glycerine, carob water.


30 count, 60 count


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