New Water Soluble 25 mg Soft Gel-Caps


Terrific results with maximum bio-availability technology and MCT oil!  By using our water-soluble CBD with full spectrum CBD you receive faster and more effective absorption with greater results from the synergistic cannabinoids, Terpenoids, Essential Oils and other compounds of the plant.  We recommend taking one tablet daily by swallowing or biting and letting it absorb under your tongue.

Contains – 25mg Gel Caps (30ct) or (60ct)


New Water Soluble 25 mg Soft Gel-Caps

Directions: Ingest orally 1 a day. Each gel cap contains 25 mg of active CBD.

Please Note – Some users claim better effectiveness when the gel cap is bit open prior to swallowing and absorbed sublingually. Earthy Taste.

Ingredients: Hemp extract (25mg CBD with terpenes including Caryophyllene  (6mg) & limonene, MCT (coconut) oil, (Vitamin E Dimer Derivative) mono & diglycerides, fatty acids, natural flavors.  Capsule shell: bovine gelatin, glycerine, carob water.


30 count, 60 count


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