How CBD Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals
How CBD Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Fitness 101: How Does CBD Oil Help Relieve Pain After Strenuous Exercise and Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Become More Fit?

We’re close to the time when many Americans make New Year’s Resolutions. Most of us know instinctively that many resolutions have to do with becoming more fit in the new year. But, some of us are also remembering the saying “no pain, no gain” that we may have used this past year to encourage ourselves after we exercise, and experience pain the next day. And, for some of us, the pain became such a drag that we quit.

What’s scary is that this saying is based in fact. Every time we do physical activity, our body breaks itself down in order to build itself back up. Dr. Alan Beyer, a Sports Medicine Doctor and the Executive Medical Director of the Hoag Orthopedic Institute in California is quoted as saying “any workout, especially a rigorous one, can cause microscopic damage to the body’s muscles and tissues.”

This kind of damage, however small, causes our body to respond normally with inflammation. And, as most of us know through first-hand experience, inflammation can lead to pain hence the “no pain, no gain” slogan. So, what to do? CBD Oil to the rescue.

Donna Shields, co-founder of the Holistic Cannabis Academy, an online education program for health says, “The most intriguing advantage (of using CBD oil) for exercisers is reduced inflammation.”

And, in an article entitled “What You Need to Know About Cannabis for Workout Recovery” published in Men’s Health, Dr. Stuart Titus, Ph.D. states “CBD could be a boon to people looking to ease the soreness and inflammation that comes with intense training and exercise.”

As we anticipate a potential New Year’s resolution of increasing our activity to become fit consider adding natural CBD Oil to your workout regimen. CBD is a natural pain reliever that works effectively on the pain that can be caused by exercise.

SO, rather than saying “no pain, no gain” we can start saying “take CBD to gain without pain.”

In fact, Nature’s Way Botanicals, LLC was founded to combat the chronic back pain and inflammation that 2 of the owners were experiencing daily. They knew that long-term use of NSAIDs could be very bad for our bodies and so they began looking for alternatives.

Research shows that CBD / Hemp Solutions created from mother earth’s plants and flowers have been used for centuries to naturally heal many kinds of ailments including pain reduction. Once these benefits were discovered, Nature’s Way Botanicals, LLC was launched. The company is committed to educating people about alternative medicine opportunities and to help them live and love life without being tied to the potentially terrible side effects of some of the prescribed treatments that they may currently be taking.

If you’d like to learn more information about the benefits of using CBD, please visit us at

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