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Being an ambassador for Natures Way Botanicals means that you love our products & want to share the word with everybody you know! Do you have friends or family suffering from chronic pain, inflammation, or anxiety? Our products could be super beneficial to them. We are looking for like-minded individuals who see the benefits of CBD and are looking to share our cause alongside with us. Natures Way Botanicals strives to be transparent, provide excellent customer service, provide high-quality and effective products, and to treat each and every customer as if they are our own family.

When you sign up to be an ambassador for Natures Way Botanicals, you will be coded to our website – you may share this code with anybody you know – this code will provide the customer 10% off of each order they place using your ambassador code. We will also credit you 10% commission for each product sold using your code or referral link! This means you can save your friends and family money, and help yourself earn a little extra cash or free products along the way!

You will be able to login to your ambassador portal and track your progress instantly!

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