CBD Edibles, CBD Creams, Topicals, Pets, Concentrates & Oils

CBD Edibles, CBD Creams, Topicals, Pets, Concentrates & Oils

Experience Natural Remedies

It is our mission to enlighten and teach the world how nature can provide natural remedies as an alternative method to addicting pharmaceuticals that have shown to be harmful to our bodies and minds.

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Water Soluble CBD Tinctures

Water Soluble CBD Tinctures

Fast Acting CBD

Our tinctures are manufactured with a high quality water-soluble form of CBD rich hemp extract. This allows the CBD to absorb into the body at a much more efficient rate compared to an oil-based tincture. We now offer between 250mg - 2,000mg of CBD per dose!

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cbd for pets

cbd for pets

Pets are people too

CBD comes in many forms for your pets. CBD can help your pet’s body maintain homeostasis and balance, decreasing stress through its regulatory interaction with the nervous system.

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Learn If CBD is Right For You!

Learn If CBD is Right For You!

New to CBD?

CBD products stimulate this system, helping to promote homeostasis while assisting with sleep, anxiety, inflammation, and more. Read our blog post to learn more about the top 4 reasons to try CBD products today!

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Extra Strength CBD Oil

Extra Strength CBD Oil

750mg, 1,000mg & 2,000mg

If you are looking for a very potent full spectrum oil based tincture, look no further. Our products are lab tested and doctor recommended to ensure we are offering the highest quality CBD possible for you.

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Featured CBD Products

We offer the opportunity to explore options that we believe deliver soothing comfort through utilizing natures plants of the earth.
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Customer Testimonials

See what our customers have to say about our CBD Products

“I use CBD to aid with my neuropathy from arthritis of my lower lumbar area. (fractured vertebrae 1973) – works great relieving pain in my legs.”

“It is with pleasure that I recommend Nature’s Way Botanicals CBD oil. I’ve tried others, including those with “stellar” reputations, and I have always come back to Nature’s Way Botanicals. Today I sprained my ankle and applied the CBD lotions. All I can say is that it feels better – much better.”

Lisa Morast

“My husband’s lower back pain has lessened considerably since using the CBD pills and lotion”

C. Paterno

Learn more about CBD (CannabInoids)

FDA acknowledges serious issues with Opioid and Anti-Depressant prescription abuse.
CBD’s are the non-psychoactive components of the Sativa industrial hemp plant that acts with our bodies natural CB receptors. CBD
can do incredible things naturally and are a healthier alternative to some addicting pharmaceutical medications such as opioids.

Quality CBD Products

All of our products are made with Good Manufacturing Practices, are grown from organic hemp sourced from Colorado (always within the US), are guaranteed to have an accurate concentration of CBD, and are always 3rd party tested to ensure potency and purity. Our mission is to be transparent and provide natural, healthy, and safe products for our customers to enjoy.

Nature’s Way Botanicals LLC. does not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (USA CSA). The company does sell and distribute hemp-based products.

We often cite research and articles intended to provide you with valuable health information.

If we list a research link in our articles, blog postings, or social media accounts to a website where we sell products or have product information, the exit disclaimer indicates that when you click a link you will leave natureswaybotanicals.com website and visit an external link.

These links to other websites are provided solely as a service to our users. External links provide additional information that may be useful or interesting and have no affiliation with the promotion, sale, and distribution of NaturesWayBotanicals.com or Health and Wellness Botanicals products. Any aforementioned links do not constitute an endorsement of these organizations by natureswaybotanicals.com or Health and Wellness Botanicals and none should be inferred.

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